WordPress Update

This is a trend that never goes out of style

Keeping things up to date is an important component to keeping your site running smoothly and secure. At all times, through all the seasons.

We’ve got a handful of tools in our back pocket (detailed below) to help the updating process be as seamless as possible.

why do i need to update my website regularly?

A WordPress website needs to be updated regularly because of the following reasons:

  • WordPress, premium plugins, and themes release new features.
  • Sometimes a WordPress update or a plugin update contains bugs, so they are fixed on the next update. 
  • If a security issue has been detected, the developers will release a patch to fix the vulnerability. It is crucial to update the website so that your website will be safe from hackers.
  • Developers will release enhancements to their code to make them perform faster and more efficiently. This will also have a good effect on your website’s page loading speed.
how does ebusiness wp's wordpress update service work?

We update your website weekly and during low-traffic hours.

Before we update your website, we make sure that we perform a full-site backup. After your website is updated, we do QA testing to make sure everything is still working properly. If the updates don’t go smoothly, we can revert your website to the previous version using the backup that was recently created.

summary of optimizations


quality assurance testing

after every update, we’ll test your website to verify that your website is working properly.



a backup of your website is taken before updating WordPress core, plugins and themes files.


update reporting

a summary report of website update will sent to you for complete transparency.


scheduled updates

we’ll schedule the website updates on a weekly or monthly basis. we’ll perform it when there’s low traffic so your customer’s activity won’t be interrupted.


1-click restore

if the website update doesn’t complete successfully because of a plugin conflict, we’ll revert your website back to its previous state and troubleshoot the issue.

plugins and tools we use

cloud backups

if your website is hosted on WP Engine, you are guaranteed to have daily backup checkpoint for your website with convenient backup restoration.

Avoid updating your website for fear of it breaking?

We can take that off your plate and implement QA testing to avoid just that