WordPress Emergency Support

When the techonology gremlins take over…

While we all love the ease of technology and how it makes things easier, faster, and less time intensive to do, sometimes things go wrong. Something breaks. Your website is down. You get hacked.

If and when something goes wrong, our team is already in place to step in and get the problem solved right away.

what website emergency support services do you offer?

Since we’re already monitoring your site, when it goes down we’ll be alerted and can get started on getting it back online right away.

However, if you encounter issues on your website before we notice them (see examples below),¬†send us an email via our help desk. Or if you’re on the corresponding plan, you can also reach out to us by phone.

  • if a plugin causes issues to your website
  • if your website was hacked
  • if your website is down
  • etc.
how do you handle emergency support situations?
We’ll assess and troubleshoot the issue once we’re alerted. If need be, we’ll reach out to the plugin developers, the theme developers, or your web host as needed and work together to get it fixed. We’ll keep you updated along the way so you always know what’s going on.

How we prepare

what we do to make these emergencies go a little more smoothly


reliable emergency support

our team is readily available when an emergency comes up to help resolve the issue to completion and be in touch with you along the way.


1-click restore

we’ll restore the most recent backup of your website immediately so you don’t lose customers.


daily backups

our plans include storing daily backups of your website in a secure cloud storage. This means that if something goes wrong, we have very recent backups we can fall back on if need be.


uptime monitoring

we get notified whenever your website goes offline, so we can take action to get your website back up and running as soon as possible.


incident reports

when you’re going through a stressful situation and money or your customer’s are on the line, we know you want to be aware of what’s going on. We’ll update you about the status of the issue from the start to resolution.

plugins and tools we use


we use iThemes Security Pro to strengthen and protect your website against attacks .

cloud backups

if your website is hosted on WP Engine, you are guaranteed to have daily backup checkpoint for your website with convenient backup restoration.

Did this happen to you?

Website down, error messages, hacked! If you’re new here, let’s talk and figure out how to get you back up and running.