WordPress Security

Stop the creepy crawlers of the online world in their tracks

Phishing email scams, hackers trying to steal your customer’s credit cards etc.

We know a thing or two about online security, PCI compliance, and how to recover after being hacked or preventing it in the first place. Personal experience of being hacked ourselves in the early years of our company resulted in a thorough understanding and desire for that to never happen again. We’ll take our learnings and apply them to your site to minimize the risk of it happening to you.

why is WordPress security important?

Keeping your website protected from being hacked is vitally important for your business. It prevents you from losing revenue and the trust of your clients. Hackers can cause so much inconvenience to you and your customers by stealing customer information and spreading malware.

how do you optimize the security of my website?

We perform best practices to strengthen the website from security threats such as regular WordPress updates, creating daily backups, and shielding the website against spam.

We also use iThemes Security Pro plugin to implement additional security measures to the website.

We also have a 24/7 uptime monitoring system that keeps track of your website so that we know when something is wrong with the website. That enables us to act immediately to troubleshoot your site in the event of an issue.

can you fix my hacked website?

yes, we can restore your website. we can also remove malware from your website.

How do we protect your site?

These are some of the things we do to keep your site safe


security measures

we will tweak your website to help secure it from security threats. 


daily backups

we will create a backup of your website so that the website can be quickly restored when needed. 


ssl certificate

we can enable ssl on your website to provide encryption making it harder for hackers to steal customer information. 


comment spam filtering

we can stop spammers from infesting your blog posts.


website updates

we will update your website regularly so that it gets the latest security patches from developers.


uptime monitoring

we are notified when your website goes down so that we can take action to get your website back online.


hacked website clean up

we can clean up your website so that it will be safe to use again. 

This is like paying for insurance

It’s something that you pay for, but want to never have to use.

Implementing our list of security optimizations and best practices, minimizes the vulnerability of your website and decreases the risk of being hacked.

plugins and tools we use


we use iThemes Security Pro to strengthen and protect your website against attacks .

cloud backups

if your website is hosted on WP Engine, you are guaranteed to have daily backup checkpoint for your website with convenient backup restoration.

network security

Cloudflare provides advanced network optimizations for faster load times and more resilience against denial service attacks.

why figure this out on your own?

we’ll come alongside you to help protect your site, want more info on how?