WordPress made easier

website peace of mind

You’ve got a business to run. The website is very important, but not your forte. You don’t want your team to get stuck or distracted with maintaining it. You want help from a partner who can be there for you over the long-term. Someone who can help jump on a problem, yes. But better yet, someone who can prevent problems before they happen. If that sounds good, and your website runs on the WordPress platform now (or ought to), then you’ve arrived. Let’s get to work.

start with essentials

Our founder Patrick started building websites in 1994. Over the years, a growing sophistication in hosting, publishing and commerce platforms hasn’t changed the essential ingredients: start with good hardware, don’t overcomplicate the software, and invest in connectivity. We hold this to be true today.

a little extra help

You may find you could do a lot of what’s involved in WordPress maintenance yourself. It’s mostly open source and there are lots educational resources. And if you’ve thought of it, there’s probably already a plugin for that! But it’s what you don’t yet know, the unintended consequences, that may get you in the worst way at the worst time. Our clients say things like “Why did I hold out so long, trying to do it all myself?”

commitment to open source

One of the earliest employees of our parent company, before WordPress was a thing, was an old, long-haired hippie from Berkeley. He would extol the power of Linux and Perl. He preached the freedom to take your code, improve it, and host it anywhere without vendor lock-in. Yep, we dig it.




First publishing on WordPress in 2009, Patrick Pitman loves this imperfect, open source platform. He organized ebusinessWP to make it easier to manage our own family of websites.


technical lead


Katherine helped Patrick get organized on WordPress from the beginning. Over the last decade, she’s grown from implementing websites to organizing reliable maintenance systems.


operations lead


Abigail started on a web developer path, but learned she loves organizing processes. When it matters most that what’s promised is what actually gets done, she delivers.

Attuned Marketer & CX

A foundational principle that organizes our relationship with customers is how and why to be attuned.


A concept, a principle, that informs our interactions with people. It means we aim to be in harmony in a responsive, two-way relationship.

'ATT' for attention

Let’s attend. Let’s bring our presence and focus to this specific situation, this relationship here.

'U' for understanding

Let’s be curious and aim to understand the other and what they’re needing? How did we get to this point now?

'N' for now

Let’s not get ahead of this moment, not rely on a script or formula, nor imagine what might go right or wrong. Let’s stay here and notice.

'E' for empathy

Let’s connect in a felt, energetic way, something more than a thought in our heads, more than the written word.

'D' for dignity

Let’s acknowledge the other’s personhood, respecting both their sovereignty and our larger connection as fellow humans.

why figure this out on your own?

It’ll be easier if we talk it over and you get just what you need and none of what you don’t!