wordpress speed optimization

is your site speedy quick?

it makes a difference.

How long do you wait for the spinning wheel of doom to stop when trying to visit a website? Hey, we’ll be the first to admit it, we don’t wait very long. Even us (as people with an understanding of what could be keeping it from loading fast) get impatient when it’s taking 5, 6, 7 seconds to show any signs of loading. And sometimes we just close the tab. Give up. This is why website speed makes a difference. A quick website leaves less money on the table as people are more likely to actually view your site and stay there if it loads quick from the start.

why do i need to speed up my website?
There are important advantages to having a fast website. Google prefers sites with a quick loading time and ranks them higher in search results. It can also affect the visitor activity on your website because the longer it takes your site to load the quicker visitors leave.
how does ebusiness wp optimize the page speed of my website?

To start we’ll do a full site audit using GTmetrix to reveal the biggest factors slowing down your site. We also use plugins like WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro/EWWW Image Optimizer to target specific issues on your site. These changes collectively lead to a faster site.

what is a good page loading time?

Google recommends a website should load in under 2 seconds. While we don’t make overarching promises, most of our sites have fast site speed ratings and load quickly.

can ebusinesswp help me migrate my website to WP Engine?
Absolutely! WP Engine proves to be reliable from our experience and fast web hosts (it’s the reason we continue to stay with them after all these years 😉 ). We can move your WordPress website and reconfigure your DNS records to the new web host if you want to switch.

summary of optimizations



by enabling caching on your website, your website will load much faster for visitors. This results from the visitor’s computer keeping a copy of the website locally and not having to request a fresh copy from the server every time the site is loaded.

file optimization

we minify and combine the JS and CSS files, optimize CSS delivery, and defer the loading of the JS files in your website to improve the load time of your pages.


content delivery network (CDN)

we’ll store a copy of your website in multiple locations so that your visitors will be able to access them much faster wherever they are in the world! 


image optimization

we’ll reduce the size of your images without affecting their quality so that they will load more quickly.


lazy loading

instead of loading all images at once, we’ll load the images on your website only when it is visible to the visitor’s screen so that the page loads faster.

server optimization

we’ll examine the response time for DNS and web hosting and third-party code snippets and make adjustments to improve server efficiency and resources.

plugins and tools we use


we use WP Rocket to cache pages, and optimize CSS and JS files, and preload files to improve the speed of the website.

image optimization

we use EWWW Image Optimizer to resize, compress, lazyload, and convert the images to next-gen format to make the images load faster.


we use GTmetrics to determine the page load speed of the website and get performance optimization suggestions.

before and after results

take a peak

These are a handful of examples of some of our own client’s results after we implemented our speed improvement recommendations.

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