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“It doesn’t matter what your business is, no business owner wants to be a guinea pig. Business owners look for and expect the company they hire to manage their websites to have deep expertise and knowledge. They want to be confident that who they hire knows what they are doing. The people behind ebusinessWP have decades of experience maintaining and managing WordPress sites, from simple brochure-style websites to deeply custom and sophisticated websites, they’ve done it all. I know how hard of a buying decision it is to hire someone that provides a digital service because it’s not something tangible like buying a car. You can’t really “see” what you’re buying so you have to trust the company you are hiring truly knows what they are doing. Having worked with the people behind ebusinessWP for 20+ years, I can tell you with complete confidence they know what they are doing and they take great care of their clients and their websites!”

Doug Fletcher

Entrepreneur and author, How Clients Buy

“Thank you so very much! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing your job so well! What a relief! Contracting you is one of my best business decisions to date!”

Kelly Ziebarth

Co-owner, Blue Bean Coffee Roasters

“Our relationship has been like going on safari in an unexplored wilderness with an exceptional safari guide. It has been an enjoyable expedition and we have learnt a huge amount.

“More importantly, we have made great progress in communicating clearly the values and exceptional products and service of the Patrick Mavros brand.

“After nearly 10 years, I could not recommend you more highly.”

Alexander Mavros

Managing Director, African Luxury Ltd., London & Harare

“If a brand commits to going DTC ecommerce, you have to have more than a message, more than a mission. You can wing it for awhile, but at some point you have got to build infrastructure.

“After we broke the $1M mark and made the development of our front-office team a priority, you helped me steer them into their best roles.

“And you support us where we’re weak: for example, analytics. Also, you’re like a Klaviyo ninja, which we’re not!”

Jim Markel

CEO, Red Oxx Manufacturing, Inc.