Rogue Food + ebusinessWP

Play the Wordle Puzzle

Each day of the conference we’ll post a puzzle for you to guess a 5 letter word on a theme that relates to farms and food.



wordle game starting with word rogue
how do I solve the puzzle?
  • Choose the correct word to win the Wordle-style puzzle.
  • Letters in gray are NOT in the word.
  • Letters in yellow are present but not in the correct place.
  • Letters in green are present and in the correct place.
how do I play to enter?

To enter your guess of the correct word, text it to 512-877-3464.

Or write it on a paper entry form with your name and number.

Enter as many times as you’d like.

what is the prize?

Each day we’ll draw from among the correct entries. Win a $100 Polyface gift card, or a year’s web hosting & support with our Essentials Plan.

what is ebusinessWP?

We run the ‘chill website owners club’ for our business clients. We host and maintain their websites on a WordPress open source platform. We give special support to companies bringing better food products to market.

our event partners

John Moody - co-founder of Rogue Food

Rogue Food

To reclaim people’s fundamental right to food. To grow it. Share it. Sell it. Butcher it. Barter for it. And more.

Polyface Farms

“America’s premier non-industrial food production oasis” in Swoope, Virginia

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